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One of my favourite authors approached me and asked if I would kindly host a blog tour. Well, what’s a girl to do when William Cooper whispers such sweet nothings in her ear? (Hint: she says yes!) He writes incredibly naughty stories, and now has a new novella available from Stiff Rain Press, Cabin Boys: a heart-warming tale of brotherly love. Well, crotch-warming, anyway!

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William writes many stories featuring men who are yet to fully accept or come to terms with their sexuality and desires, whether it be for their siblings or for other men. I thought it would be great to get William’s viewpoint on what it’s like to write guys so deep in the closet that they have day-passes to Narnia, and here’s his response:

Writing a Closeted Character

Closeted characters are fairly common in gay erotica and erotic-romances. However, most of them have accepted that they’re gay. Writing a character who is so deep in the closet that they’re unable to accept their attraction to the same sex provides many different problems than a regular closeted character.

The trick to writing them is that the character has to have some type of gay interactions throughout the book. If they don’t, the character might as well be straight. But after those interactions the character needs to react to them. They can’t just accept that they enjoyed it and want to do it again. Instead, they need to find a way to justify it to themselves – they were drunk, or they were really horny, or something else.

Some characters will have forceful reactions to the encounter, pushing away the person it happened with and swearing to never to do it again. Others will try to put it behind them and act as if it never happened.

These characters can be very tricky to write when you’re trying to write a gay erotica story with them as the main character. Readers are going to want lots of hot and heavy sex between the main characters. But with a deeply closeted character, they may not want to have sex as often as the readers want.

In Brothers with Benefits, I wrote two closeted brothers. Josh is a “normal” closeted character. He knows that he’s gay and has accepted it. However, he’s not out to his friends or family. Erick is more of a deep closeted character. He spent his teenage years and college years insisting that he wasn’t gay, that he was not attracted to men. During this time, he slept with as many women as possible. Even after he’s yanked out of the closet, he still has fleeting moments where he questions himself.

I find it fun to write deeply closeted characters. It adds another layer of depth to both the story and the character. Hopefully my readers enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them!

Cabin Boys

Cabin BoysWilliam’s new novella is Cabin Boys, a story of unrequited brotherly love which sees a glimmer of hope in a secluded getaway.

Aaron has been in love with his brother for years. Unfortunately for Aaron, those feelings haven’t been mutual. Elliot loves his brother, sure, but he’s not in love with Aaron. After a drunken night up at their parents’ cabin in the woods, could things finally be going Aaron’s way?


Elliot sent shivers through my body as he ran his tongue along my shaft. Arching my back, hips driving up to give him better access, I wished he’d stop teasing me. God, just suck it already. He opted for mercy and worked his magic by taking my cock into his hot mouth. Heart slamming against my ribs, I thought maybe his mouth might be what heaven feels like—sexual redemption to be found sliding my cock between his full, red lips.

With each rise and fall of Elliot’s head, I got closer to coming. The weight of the impending orgasm, the pressure in my balls drove me insane. I wanted him to take my cum, wanted him to swallow every last drop. Then I wanted to push him down onto the bed and suck his cock dry. I could almost hear his moans as he fisted my hair.

Just as I was about to come, I heard my bedroom door open and it jarred me out of my fantasy. I opened my eyes and yanked my blanket over my lower half as Elliot sauntered in. Even though it was pretty obvious what I’d been doing, I still didn’t need him to see for himself. The heat rising in my cheeks assured me they were bright red as I faced him down. It didn’t help that he was the object of my fantasy.

Elliot stood in the doorway, a slight grin on his face. He wore only a pair of basketball shorts. It was obvious he’d been working out in the basement again. Droplets of sweat slid down his body, moving along the curves of his chest and abs. I loved that the only hair he had on his chest was the little trail leading from his belly button to beneath his shorts. Elliot’s grin solidified my assumption that he knew I was jerking off.

Even though I was twenty-one, I felt like a teenager again. I couldn’t wait until I was out of the house and had my own place. I had hoped for some privacy by now, but Elliot had decided to live with our parents until he finished his MBA. He claimed it was far less expensive than on-campus housing or an apartment.

My gaze roamed over his body, from the contours of his shoulder, down his pecs and abs, to the small trail of hair that lead to the prize inside his shorts. Stop that! I chastised myself. I couldn’t let Elliot notice me ogling him, much less figure out he’d just interrupted a fantasy involving him. He was my brother, after all, and I can’t imagine he’d be pleased with it.

“You got any plans for the weekend?” he asked.

I rolled my eyes. The fucker could’ve at least said hello or apologized for not knocking when he came in. He reinforced my belief that I’d gotten all the manners from our genetic pool, and they’d drifted right past him. Elliot never was one to beat around the bush. “Nope, why?”

He leaned against the doorframe with his arms crossed in front of his chest, still grinning from his embarrassing masturbatory discovery. “I was thinking we could go up to the cabin for the weekend. We haven’t been up there since last summer, and I wanna grab some beers and have some fun before school starts up again.”

“Sounds good. I could use a few days away from the house. We leave in the morning?” Elliot was right. We hadn’t gone up there since about this time last year. We were well overdue for a break away from the rest of the world.

“Yeah, if that works for you. We can stop at the liquor store down the street and stock up like we always do. How’s that sound?”

I nodded. “Yeah, that works for me. What time we leaving?”

“Be ready to go around six,” Elliot said, then winked. “Have fun taking care of that.” He turned and left, closing the door behind him.

Six? Seriously? As far as I was concerned, there were no hours between two am and eight am. No one in their right mind wants to get up that early. But then again, no one ever said Elliot was in his right mind.

Truth be told, I looked forward to spending a few days up at the cabin. Spending some time together, just the two of us, would be a good way to bond like we’d done as kids. With school and everything, we’d drifted apart a bit, and I missed the easy rapport we’d had. But for now, I wanted to finish what I’d been doing before he interrupted. The sound of Elliot’s voice, and the memory of his sweaty torso, was more than enough to bring my cock back to full attention, despite my earlier embarrassment.


You can buy Cabin Boys direct from Stiff Rain Press!

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