Scarlet has been a professional writer for ten years, covering a wide range of topics for clients around the world. A passionate traveler, she is especially fond of America and Japan, and many of her stories are set in the cities she loves.

She has a filthy mind, and adores crafting tales of bondage and submission.

Scarlet lives in London, England, with her fiancé and their menagerie.

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  1. I just bought the Dr. Groves massive package erotic bundle on amazon. I really like the first story about Theo. In it you have the doc fucking Theo bareback, but then you have the horny doc use condoms for some of the other stories. In fiction I like bareback action.

    Are you planning to write any more Dr. Groves stories?



    • Hi John,

      I have to admit I prefer writing bareback, too. Let’s face it, pausing to unroll a condom isn’t terribly erotic :D

      I may write some more in 2015, so we shall see!

      I’m glad you liked the bundle :)

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