This Week in Erotica – Saturday 14th to Friday 20th December

Crikey! Christmas is almost upon us! As you can no doubt tell by how quiet I’ve been lately, the festive season is a tremendous stealer of time, isn’t it? But don’t worry, there are still some steamy new erotica releases this week to light up the e-reader of your choice.


Formal Fingering – Risk it All

Author: Jamie Fuchs



Length: 3558

Genre: Public Sex

Genders: M/F

Blurb: If you liked 50 Shades of Grey, then you’ll LOVE this book!

“Ruh roh! This is getting good. I like the sense of danger here.” – Nora Nix

Rebecca finally has the opportunity to fulfil one of her long time fantasies – to be fingered at a formal dinner, surrounded by people. The only problem? She’s seated at a table with some of the most powerful people in the company. People who can make or break her career.

Tonight, all bets are off.

Kinks: public sex, bathroom sex, fingering in public, car sex


Author: Alice May Ball

Link/s: Amazon


Length: 4,000+words

Genre: Erotica

Genders: MF

Blurb: The hunger of a demon for the pulse of a man’s lust. Gorgeous, hot-blooded Morgan is inexperienced, innocent and eager, but his keen mind and burning desires have not prepared him for the unholy lust of his surprise nighttime visitor.

She brings her nubile skills, and her massive toy, as well as makeup, silks and lace. How far will her inhuman passions push young, impressionable Morgan? Can Morgan endure what the Succubus proposes?

Kinks: Demon, crossdressing, forced feminization, sissification, pegging

The Billionaire’s Belt

Author: Cora Hart

Links: AmazonB&NKobo


Length: 6,400 words

Genre: BDSM, BBW

Genders: M/F

Blurb: After walking out of an awful blind date, Annie wanders into the closest bar for a drink. It seems like she walks back in time to a speakeasy and meets Jake, a handsome and charming man. She learns that she discovered a private gentleman’s club for billionaires. Jake wastes no time in seducing Annie and taking her back to his place for some pain and pleasure.

Kinks: BBW, Billionaires, BDSM, Belt/Whipping

Wed Then Bred

Author: Kimbra Clausen

Link: Amazon


Length: 8,600 words

Genre: Breeding, Male POV

Genders: M/F

Blurb: Ben and Adrianne just got married. After the massive reception ends and their guests go home they walk up to their hotel room for a night of newlywed bliss, reveling in their new love, among other things. All goes as lovingly and passionate as expected however Ben has a secret: he didn’t just marry because of love. What talked him into marrying her was a primal instinct so base, so undeniably hardcoded into a man’s DNA that he is powerless to fight against it. That is, until he finds the strength to just take what he’s always wanted.

Kinks: Newlywed, Wedding Night, Breeding

Ménage / Multiple

Order of Eros II: Werewolf Biker Gangbang

Author: Red Mallard

Links: AmazonSmashwords


Length: 5000-6000 words

Genre: Paranormal Erotica

Genders: M/F, F/F

Blurb: Now having the benefit of having a billionaire vampire as their benefactor, Angela and Libra, members of the secretive Order of Eros, continue their quest in bringing balance to the world. The sex witch, Angela, has set up a meeting with Blackfang, the leader of the werewolf biker gang simply known as “The Pack”, hoping for their aid in the challenges ahead.

Little does Libra and Angela know that their base — the mythical Akashic Records has become the target of the pack. Libra, who has the power to turn invisible whenever she is excited, stayed behind, and risks the possibility of becoming the dinner of a pack of werewolves.

This book contains themes of a sexual nature and is not intended for anyone under the age of 18. Don’t read this book unless you’re into crazy gangbangs, tight young witches, bondage vampires, and leather clad werewolf biker gangs.

Kinks: Vampires, Werewolves, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Gangbang, Orgy, Humiliation

Blowing The Board

Author: Jess Bates

Links: AmazonBarnes & Noble


Length: 4000

Genre: Erotica

Genders: M / F / M

Blurb: Chloe has been secretly fucking her billionaire boss for over a year, the pair taking every opportunity to ‘bump uglies’ they can. When they forget about a board meeting, Chloe rushes to get the board room ready and ends up trapped under the table, her dirty mind takes control and she does something that she never thought she could ever ever do.

Kinks: Group oral / Office sex

My Night with the Gargoyle

Author: Sera Belle

Link: Amazon


Length: 11,000 words

Genre: Monster erotica

Genders: MM, MF

Blurb: A young woman, on her own, backpacking and panhandling her way through Europe. It’s all fun and games until she spies a strange grey-skinned man screwing the heck out of a church groundskeeper. Who is this guy, and what’s his deal? And why does he keep showing up when she’s hanging around this little French ville?

She doesn’t really know or care — she’s busy trying to get a few Euros together to catch a bus to Paris. But sooner or later, he’s going to find her alone… and he likes the taste of female flesh, too.

Kinks: Monsters, gargoyles, voyeurism


Author: Gwendolyn Wilde

Link/s: AmazonSmashwords


Length: 5,000 words

Genre: Fantasy Erotica

Genders: MF, MMF

Blurb: Lady Vera is surprised when two burly guards appear at her door. She’s under threat, and in need of their protection, they say. But little do they know, Lady Vera is the threat. Desperate to escape the bodyguards, she’ll do anything she can to distract them, to get them to let their defenses down. She’ll render them vulnerable and naked, and then she’ll make her move…so long as she isn’t too overcome by passion to remember her mission.

Kinks: dominant male, double penetration, mmf threesome

Manhattan Vampire Rampage

Author: Alice May Ball

Link: Amazon


Length: 4,200+ words

Genre: Erotica, Paranormal

Genders: MFM, MF, FF

Blurb: Thin, pale Lucian is the master of a vampire horde, and beautiful Alexi is desperate for him to notice her.

When the group visits a New York club at twilight, it becomes the site of a debauched frenzy of lust and blood.

Big, beautiful Harriet wants to join the group, but does she realize the price that she will pay? And what can Alexi to get Lucien’s attention?

Kinks: Vampires, lesbian, threesome, multiple

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