I’m back!

Scarlet Slider If you didn’t realise I’d gone, then this post is meaningless, though. I popped over to America to visit friends. Yes, we filth-peddlers have friends! We shopped. We watched Animal Planet and Attack on Titan (sometimes on the same day). I introduced them to White Collar and Lost Girl, as …

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What you can do about Amazon’s Book-Banning

The folks over at One-Handed Writers have assembled a set of resources which neatly outline the curious double-standards of pulling down erotica from self-published authors while continuing to sell traditionally-published erotica, torture porn, combat knives and misogynistic books on how to mind-control women (yes, actual mind-control with the intent of receiving actual sex with dubious consent, not fantasy erotica about mind-control).

Take a couple of minutes to look it over. You may well be surprised.