New books!

The Doctor is In About time I blew my own horn and tooted off about some new releases, isn’t it? Yep, it absolutely is! First off, we have Chain of Command, the brand new instalment of Collaring Alex – the series formerly known as Urgent Delivery. As the story is heading in a more …

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Blog Tour: William Cooper

CabinBoys Banner One of my favourite authors approached me and asked if I would kindly host a blog tour. Well, what’s a girl to do when William Cooper whispers such sweet nothings in her ear? (Hint: she says yes!) He writes incredibly naughty stories, and now has a new novella available from …

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This Week In Erotica – Saturday 2nd to Friday 8th November

TWIE 091113 Time for this week’s round-up of the hottest new erotica releases! M/F Curves and Mistletoe Author: Veronica Hardy Links: Amazon ASIN: B00GEFNITK Length: 3,000 Genre: Billionaire Erotica Genders: M/F Blurb: Jenny hates going to the company party. Preening executives, sharks disguised as co-workers, and a lack of fun leave her wishing the time would speed up. Until …

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This Week in Erotica – Saturday 26th October to Friday 1st November

Here’s my weekly collection of scorchingly hot new erotica releases! M/F DOMINATION by my Lord Author: Alice May Ball Link/s: Amazon ASIN: B00G7RPFEG Length: 8,800 words+ Genre: Erotica Genders: MF Blurb: When Magnus Lord, the devastatingly handsome billionaire summons the lovely young Tanya White, she has no choice but to come. Sent by private jet, with no …

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Today in my stumblings I wandered across the (relatively new) blog of Romance author Laura L. Cline.

I like her excerpts, and her other posts resonate with a lot of my own thoughts, so I’m now a follower. If you enjoy my blog, you may enjoy Laura’s too.

This Week In Erotica

There have been a few new releases this week from SmutSmiths around the world. Here’s my round-up. M/F Hold Tight: Book 3 Ain’t Settlin’ Author: Veronica Hardy Link: Amazon ASIN: B00EYG11V8 Length: 15,000 words Genre: Erotic Romance Genders: F/M Brief Blurb: Holly is a curvy BBW out at her Aunt’s …

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How to write effective narrative hooks

17671114 A hook is exactly what it sounds like: it is there to snag your reader so that you can reel them into your story. You bait your hook, fling it out into the sea, and wait for a bite. The longer the tale you wish to weave, the more hooks …

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