Terms & Conditions



Digital items will be delivered to the email address you supply when you place your order. It is incumbent upon you to ensure that the address you enter is correct.

Any failure in contacting you via the supplied address will result in Scarlet to you via your PayPal address instead.

Orders will not begin until Scarlet has received the required information from you, as detailed on the product page for the item(s) you have ordered. Once all required information and / or files are received, your order will be delivered within five working days.


Payment is only accepted through PayPal.

Limitation of Liability

Scarlet Cox will not be responsible for any filter or block a merchant imposes on your title or account.

Scarlet remains appraised of the latest activity from major storefronts in this regard and all digital services are tailored to fall well within their current behaviours and guidelines. Should a merchant’s boundaries change after your purchase is delivered, Scarlet will not be responsible for any retroactive actions that merchant chooses to enact upon non-compliant titles or accounts.

You may cancel your order at any time before delivery is made.

Once an order is delivered, the sale is considered final and cannot be cancelled.


All delivered orders for digital goods are final and cannot be refunded.

Cancelled sales will be refunded in full.


Do not ask Scarlet to emulate another author’s covers. Any such order will be cancelled and refunded. You are free to suggest covers you would like your design to be inspired by, but Scarlet will not copy another designer’s work or impinge on another author’s established branding.


No customer details will be shared with any third party. Your personal information is not requested by this site at any stage in the transaction process. Your PayPal details are stored and managed wholly by PayPal and are pursuant to their privacy policies.

You will receive no commercial or promotional emails due to registering with or purchasing from scarletcox.com.

Children under 18 may not place any orders through this website.

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