This Week In Erotica – Saturday 9th to Friday 15th November

Want to know what’s hot and new in erotica this week? Of course you do!


My Personal Trainer: The Complete Series

Author: Trace Dex

Link: Amazon


Length: 9,946 words

Genre: Erotica

Genders: M/F

Blurb: Maddison has struggled with being overweight all of her life. She recently lost her job and was going down in a spiral of depression. When her doctor’s examined her, she finds out that she has to make lifestyle changes in order to survive. She knows it’s time to start changing things around so she joins a gym and meets Jonathan, her personal trainer. Not only is he sexy with a nice body, he’s also charming. She quickly develops a crush on her personal trainer but will he feel the same about her? Join her on her journey to try and change her life around and snag the man of her dreams.

Kinks: BDSM, BBW, Rough

Intercourse with the Vampiress

Author: Nora Nix

Links: AmazonBarnes & NobleAll Romance eBooks, and Smashwords.


Length: 4,170 words

Genre: Erotica

Genders: M/F

Blurb: Victor Van Helsing has never known the truth of his lineage. So when a sexy vampiress shows up in his bedroom, he has no idea what she could want with him – let alone what a “vampire” even is! But as his will unravels under her hypnotic gaze, Victor can only feel shame that he is betraying his Mennonite upbringing. Can his faith hold out against the luscious curves of the vampiric vixen?

Kinks: Paranormal, Vampires, Mind Control/Hypnosis, First Time

Serving The Rock God

Author: Kelly Halstrom

Link: Amazon


Length: 21 pages

Genre: Erotica

Genders: M/F

Blurb: Cassandra hasn’t had the easiest journey to adulthood. With an alcoholic mom at home she’s pretty much had to raise and feed herself. Her only solace lies in singing and songwriting, a safe place she can lay out her hopes and frustrations. In a perfect world, she’d be able to make money off of her music, but she knows life isn’t going to throw her any easy breaks.

So she doesn’t know if it’s luck or fate when she meets Z, a sexy record executive with the power to make all of her wildest dreams come true. She just has to give him something in return…

Kinks: Paranormal, BBW, Domination

A Series of Misdeeds (Book One of Blind in the Mansion)

Author: Jessica Whitethread

Link: Amazon


Length: 9,850 words

Genre: Erotica

Genders: M/F

Blurb: Twenty-three year old Joanna Crawford is not happy to drop out of culinary school and take a job at the Armistead Mansion, but sacrificing her own desires to help those in need around her has always been her most basic instinct. Little can she know that this apparent setback will blossom into a life-changing sexual and emotional journey. ‘A Series of Misdeeds’ follows Joanna as she begins her employment only to find herself transgressing boundaries that bring her to the attentions of the Armistead family’s mysterious heir. Once subjected to the unorthodox methods he employs to maintain staff discipline, initial resistance is not enough to escape the wealth of emotions and desires that the games of this enigmatic aristocrat excite in her.

Kinks: BDSM, Humiliation


Jackson’s First time

Author: Sage L. Morgan

Links: Amazon B&N


Length: 3,500 words

Genre: Gay erotica

Genders: M/M

Blurb: Before Jackson seduced Arianna on his wildly popular “Tyler Show,” he was just another broke college freshman trying to make ends meet. He’s up to his ears in debt when roommate Evan comes up with a crazy plan to make some quick cash: record themselves having gay sex on a webcam and wait for the tips to roll in. Having sex with your best friend is always problematic, but things get rock hard between Jackson and Evan when the lines between feelings, money, and trust are blurred.

And Jackson doesn’t even like boys. At least, he’s pretty sure he doesn’t…

Kinks: first time anal, oral sex, voyeurism, exhibitionism

Bartram’s Bounty

Author: Rian Slane

Link: Amazon


Length: 9000 words

Genre: Gay erotica

Genders: M/M

Blurb: The Scarlet Howl is drifting in the doldrums of the Cloud Sea when Pirate Captain Bartram Vane spots a body in the water. It’s the necklace around the naked man’s throat that Bartram wants, but when the crew pulls the body aboard and discover that he’s still very much alive, the Captain’s mind wanders to where this man came from and how else he could be of use to Bartram.

First, he needs a few answers, but the young man is slow to give them until the Captain finds certain ways of convincing the captive to talk. Bartram quickly learns that the man is more than just hungry for food, water, and the Captain’s cream.

Kinks: Pirates, mermen, coercion, power play


Taken by the Groom

Author: Cicely Poe

Links: Amazon, Barnes and Noble.


Length: 4920 words

Genre: Erotica

Genders: F/F, M/F, M/F/F

Blurb: Lady Jane and Lady Bianca have done exactly what good little aristocratic girls are supposed to do. They’ve made excellent marriages, to rich and titled husbands, and now all they must do is enjoy the life of an aristocrat. But married life isn’t exactly living up to their expectations. Of course, there are the shopping trips to London, the socializing, the privileged life, all the things they thought they wanted, but where is the love? The passion?

The sex.

Jane and Bianca already know they can satisfy each other; they’ve done it often enough, after all. But something is missing. When the ladies spy a groom in Jane’s stables, they both fall in lust. He looks like he could handle either of them. Either of them… or both at the same time.

4920 words. This erotic short contains lesbian themes,a threesome, and dominance/claiming.

Kinks: Threesome, lesbian, dominance/claiming

Three is Company

Author: Becky Buchanan

Link: Amazon


Length: 16 pages

Genre: Erotica

Genders: M/F/F

Blurb: Jane has eyes on the new gardener her husband has hired. When her husband leaves for business on a weekend, things start getting interesting. To ensure a good time for herself on the weekend, she orders some magic stuff from her friend. That she has a massive crush on the delivery girl is even more of an impetus. Will she finally get the threesome she has always wanted?

Kinks: Threesome, lsd, fantasy


Faire: The Pirate’s Gamble

Author: Red Mallard

Links: AmazonSmashwords


Length: 8000 Words

Genre: Menage, Renaissance, Pirates, Solo, Masturbation, Erotica

Genders: M/F/F

Blurb: Robin is a college student at Alman State University. Her father insists that she gets involved with a student organization. Luckily, the renaissance faire is looking for new members. Will Robin find her place amongst the lords, ladies, wenches, and pirates?

Kinks: Menage, Masturbation, Costumes, Pirates, Historical

I’m Cheating On You: 3 Cuckolding Confessions

Author: Hannah Wilde

Link: Amazon


Length: 13,000+ words

Genre: Erotica

Genders: MFM, MMMMM+F

Blurb: This collection combines all three installments of the Hannah Wilde’s first cuckolding trilogy. Written in a unique confessional style, these short stories takes the form of an e-mail written from “your” long term girlfriend, fiance, or wife coming clean after a filthy weekend with other men.

Kinks: Cuckold, Threesome, Gangbang, Hotwife

Fashionista Hipster Gangbang

Author: Hannah Wilde

Link: Amazon


Length: 5,100+ words

Genre: Erotica

Genders: MMMMMF

Blurb: Penny is your typical fashion blogger, scouring the flea markets of Los Angeles every weekend for the perfect looks that are guaranteed to get reblogs. She finds more than she bargained for when she meets Brad, a well meaning vendor who shows her blog to a clique of fashion’s elite who are interested in more than just the clothes on her body. Faced with the opportunity of a lifetime, Penny finds her future in fashion hinging on her performance as the star of her very own male model gangbang.

Kinks: Gangbang, Double Penetration

Vampires, Shifters, And Demons: Erotic Tales From The Other Side

Author: Hannah Wilde

Link: Amazon


Length: 17,900+ words

Genre: Erotica

Genders: MF, MFM, MMMMF

Blurb: Jess doesn’t know what to expect when she inherits an old mansion in Los Angeles from a little old woman that she barely knew. After moving across the country with her best friends Katy and Allison, the three find themselves tangled up in a haunted house that also serves as a sexual destination for all sorts of paranormal creatures from this world and the next.

Kinks: Gangbang, Paranormal, Vampire, Shifter, Monster, Threesome

Taken By Men, Bound By Desire

Author: Hannah Wilde

Link: Amazon


Length: 3,700+

Genre: Erotica

Genders: FMMMMM+

Blurb: Megan is about to learn the hard way that you’ve got to be careful what you wish for. After confessing to her boyfriend Joey that she’s always had a fantasy about getting tied up and gangbanged by a group of strangers, Megan wakes up to find herself bound in a dark chamber. Is it all a setup from Joey, or something more sinister? Only after an explicit sexual journey though her darkest sexual desires will Megan uncover the truth.

Kinks: Gangbang, Bondage, Submission and Domination

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