This Week In Erotica – Saturday 2nd to Friday 8th November

Time for this week’s round-up of the hottest new erotica releases!


Curves and Mistletoe

Author: Veronica Hardy

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Length: 3,000

Genre: Billionaire Erotica

Genders: M/F

Blurb: Jenny hates going to the company party. Preening executives, sharks disguised as co-workers, and a lack of fun leave her wishing the time would speed up. Until Bryce sweeps her off her feet and into the room door the hall.

This 3,000 word short story is filled with Billionaire lust, curves galore and even includes a sneak peak at a curvy erotic romance. All characters are over 18 and have earned a college degree.

Kinks: Sex in a public place, BBW

Golden Humiliation

Author: Nadia Rosen

Link: Amazon


Length: 3,000 words

Genre: Erotica

Genders: M/F

Blurb: When Peter catches Ashley, a sexy sorority girl, during a game of Capture the Flag, his mind runs wild with all the ways he wants to punish her. Now that she’s caught, he can force her to do anything – those are the rules!

Ashley, desperate to pee, asks if she can use the bathroom before accepting her punishment. This gives Peter the perfect idea, and he refuses. He ties her up outside, telling her he’ll let her free if she can hold it until the rest of his housemates get home. He watches her struggle from inside the house, his cock growing harder and clouding his judgment.

Can Ashley resist her urges and hold it until the end of the night? Or does she lose control and soak herself on Peter’s deck, forcing him to mark his own territory and teach her a lesson?

Kinks: Watersports, golden shower, oral sex, dubious consent, bondage

Serving the Succubus

Author: Haleigh Cookson Clark

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Length: 9000 words

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Erotica

Genders: M/F

Blurb: Ethan Banks is a jaded graduate student desperately looking for a big break in his ongoing research of Colonial American history. He gets more than he bargains for, however, when he accidentally summons a succubus during a late-night examination of a curious old tome. No stranger to indulgence, will Ethan be able to keep up with her insatiable appetites and balance his schoolwork? More to the point, will she allow him to live to see the end of the week, much less the semester?

Kinks: oral sex, bondage, creampie, assplay, demon, femdom

The Succubus’ Sub: The Offer

Author: Johh Dylena

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Length: 4,000 words

Genre: Dark Fantasy Erotica

Genders: M/F

Blurb: What would you do if you came home to find a succubus waiting for you in your home?

On a stormy day Brett comes back to his small place soaked to the bone. Just as he was about to enjoy a nice hot cup of cocoa, a mysterious woman introduces herself as Myserra, a succubus with an offer for Brett.

She promises him an end to his solitude on one condition: he becomes her sub.

The beginning of a series of adventures following the succubus and her human pet, “The Succubus’ Sub” is set in the same world as “The Raethiana Trilogy” only the two couples never cross paths…or do they?

Kinks: magic, transformation, straight sex, oral sex

The Succubus’ Sub: Dressing for the Occasion

Author: Johh Dylena

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Length: 6,500 words

Genre: Dark Fantasy BDSM Erotica

Genders: M/F

Blurb: After a night of the best (and only) sex of his life, Brett agrees to become the plaything of the succubus Myserra.

She greets him in the morning and the two converse and work out the details. He tells her his kinks and fetishes, and after she marks and collars him, he forgets to address her properly.

Myserra takes him to her chambers where she carries out his punishment: spankings. With his cheeks sore and his lesson learned, she surprises him with the outfit he must now wear: a corset, stockings, and high heels.

Kinks: crossdressing, femdom, feminization, spanking, pegging, domination/submission, magic, transformation

My Boss’s Billionaire Boyfriend

Author: Sage L. Morgan

Links: Amazon B&N


Length: 4,000 words

Genre: Erotica

Genders: M/F

Blurb: Unable to find a job, Marina finds herself working as a maid for ex-model Rebecca West. It is while she is cleaning Rebecca’s mansion that Marina finally meets her boss’s wildly successful boyfriend, tech giant Henry Meyers. Sick of being a maid and smelling opportunity in the air, Marina considers how far she will go to win Henry Meyers’s favor.

Kinks: oral sex, straight sex, dubcon

A New Year for Eve

Author: Nora Nix

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Length: 8,620 words

Genre: Erotica

Genders: M/F

Blurb: It’s December 31st, and Eve’s divorce papers have just been finalized. It’s also her 31st birthday, and at this point, she can’t imagine a scenario in which she doesn’t die a spinster. But when Aaron from IT surprises her with a late Christmas gift at the office New Year’s Eve party, Eve suddenly sees a way out of her gloomy future: one that involves Aaron and his naughty little gift.

Kinks: Bondage, Exhibitionism, FemDom

Love, Summer

Author: C.V. Walter

Links: Amazon


Length: 25,000+

Genre: Erotic Romance

Genders: M/F

Blurb: In the summer between High School and College, Laurie’s back at the summer job she’s had for years. Finding herself falling for her boss but reluctant to start a relationship before he has to leave, she has to negotiate her way through these confusing feelings and discover what it means to be in love as an adult.

Kinks: office sex, sex in public, teen

The Cabin on Wolf Mountain

Author: Alice May Ball

Link/s: Amazon


Length: 6,100+ words

Genre: Paranormal romance

Genders: M/F

Blurb: Briony lost her job and her boyfriend on the same day. Looking out for Briony, her BFF offers her the chance to stay in a secluded cabin on Wolf Mountain, foget about being the fat girl who got dumped, and write the romantic best-seller she has always dreamed about.
On the way to the dreamy cabin, Briony attracts the unwanted attention of an aggressive biker, but she is rescued by a handsome stranger with a very powerful presence. Her cabin in the woods is in a lovely clearing, overlooking the valley. Alone there, she discovers that there are wild animals in the woods, when a wolf comes to her door.

Kinks: BBW, Werewolf, outdoor sex


Embrace: A Lesbian Erotic Short

Author: Veronica Hardy

Links: Amazon


Length: 4,000 Words

Genre: Lesbian Erotica

Genders: F/F

Blurb: Maggie has been lusting after Kaylee for months. Wishing she could touch her. Hold her. She needed to possess her, but she didn’t know how. Until Kaylee decided it was time to take Maggie. This work contains 4, 224 words of lust between women. It depicts women who are over the age of 18 and is fictional in nature.

Kinks: Sex outdoors, Public Sexual Acts

Ménage / Multiple

For Her Honor

Author: Alex Dawson

Link: Amazon


Length: 4k words

Genre: Erotica

Genders: F/M; F/F

Blurb: This is a steamy 4000+ word erotic story with an eighteen-year-old girl vying for the honor of having her virginity sacrificed. This installment includes bondage, blindfolds, first caresses, light lesbian loving, and descriptions of sex acts.

Kinks: Pagan sacrifice, first time, bondage

Dangerously Dirty Diaries: Leanne

Author: Haleigh Cookson Clark

Link/s: Amazon


Length: 11000 words

Genre: Erotica

Genders: MF; M/MF

Blurb: Leanne is a happy twenty-something engaged to the guy of her dreams, but one day she discovers a startling secret in her fiancées browser history: he wants her to sleep with another man. This is something of a surprise to Leanne, a girl who’s only ever experienced the touch of her high-school sweetheart, her soon-to-be husband Jeff. Although she’s reluctant at first, she eventually begins to warm to the idea and finds herself increasingly flattered and deeply aroused. In order to collect her thoughts, and even come to terms with bedding a handsome stranger, Leanne decides to keep a sex journal – this journal.

Kinks: creampie, cuckold, hotwife, oral sex, silky seconds

Addicted to Watersports

Author: Nadia Rosen



Length: 3500 words

Genre: Erotica

Genders: M/F, M/F/M

Blurb: When sexy college student Amy accidentally lets loose and pees all over her boyfriend Nathan during sex, she’s ashamed — of how much she enjoys it. She just can’t get watersports off of her mind, and she tells Nathan to meet her in the middle of the courtyard at school to give him a show he won’t soon forget.

After watching Amy’s hot golden stream for the second time, Nathan can’t help confessing his newfound fetish to his friend Scott, who is surprised but very turned on. He wants in on the action — and he wants to do more than just watch. The two devise a plan to take Amy into the kitchen and give her a shower like she’s never had before.

Kinks: Pee, watersports, golden shower, oral sex, exhibitionism

Neon City Submissive: New Skin

Author: Erica Bynes

Link: Amazon


Length: 11,000 words

Genre: Urban Erotica

Genders: M/F & briefly F/F

Blurb: The Big City can be a hard place to earn a decent living. When deviance and decadence rule the night, finding good money means taking some chances and making a few risky decisions.

On her first night at her new job, Annie’s already starting to think she might be in over her head.

All she was looking for was a gig serving drinks every other night at the Salamander Club down on Neon Street. Instead, she found herself accepting a once in a lifetime offer to spend the night with the secretive Mister Dunwich.

One little black dress. One set of handcuffs.

One taste of a new life.

From the neon-drenched streets of the 42nd District to the glowing white towers of Downtown, Annie is about to find out what she’s really made of and just how much her New Skin can handle.

Kinks: Prostitution, Bondage, Spanking, Blindfolds, Knifeplay, Gagging (Deepthroat), Choking, Breathplay, Hairpulling, Domination/Submission


Author: C.C. Towers

Links: Amazon


Length: 8,000 words

Genre: suspense, thriller, erotica

Genders: MMF

Blurb: At six foot six of solid Greek muscle and with a full eleven inches of raw talent, bisexual escort Marc is in high demand. When a last minute booking request comes in from an enigmatic rich couple Marc does not hesitate to accept. As the evening progresses Marc finds himself not only in regret of accepting this particular assignment; he finds himself in fear of his very life.

Kinks: MMF bisexual threesome, light BDSM, Voyeurism

Mrs. Jones #1 MILF 3-Pack

Author: Tessa Black

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Genre: Erotica

Genders: M/F, M/F/M

Blurb: Meet Mrs. Jones, the hot divorcee with a massive rack and an insatiable appetite for younger men. She’ll stop at nothing to seduce a man she wants, even if he’s twenty years younger and married to her daughter! Contains 3 steamy stories revolving around the sultry vixen.

Kinks: Cheating, MILF, Mother-in-Law, Multiple Partners, Foursome, Double Penetration, Lactation (mild)

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