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Remember once upon a time I used to do This Week In Erotica posts, giving you all the skinny on the hottest new erotica stories available for your reading pleasure? ‘Course you do! And you know it got a little too much for me to manage every week.

Well, never fear, because The Naughty List is here. They run two lists – erotica and romance – so you can be absolutely sure that the genre you want is going to land in your inbox, and with hot deals and the occasional giveaway.

So let me hand you over to Mr. Super Awesome himself, Raminar Dixon, to tell you more!

The Naughty List

The Naughty List? What’s That?

The Naughty List is a completely free service for readers of erotica and/or romance. Each newsletter is packed full of bargains, discounts, freebies, and information about new releases – all from your favorite and bestselling authors.

Can’t I Just Go Find All the Freebies I Want on Amazon/B&N/etc. myself? Why Should I Sign Up for Some Newsletter?

Well, yeah, you could comb through hundreds and hundreds of titles and find the goodies – but who has time for that? And don’t forget, if you’re looking for some of the steamier titles that are filtered or you have a particular type of story in mind that doesn’t show up in general searches, you might just be looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack! With The Naughty List, each newsletter is a list of some of the best deals and freebies out there and some of them are pretty hard to find otherwise. In fact, the promotions you’ll find in our newsletters come straight from the authors themselves – so you know they are fresh and you can get them before anyone else (or they expire!)

What Else Does The Naughty List Offer to Subscribers?


Every subscriber gets instant access to our growing library of completely free stories, which have been donated to us by many gracious authors. Inside the archives you’ll find a little bit of everything to interest you. Some of the stories are exclusive to The Naughty List and can’t be purchased anywhere, either!

Not only that, but TNL (as we are perhaps more affectionately known, and also takes less time to type) occasionally hosts contests and giveaways that are open only to our valued subscribers. The prizes for those events range anywhere from gift cards to exclusive content donated by authors, such as advance copies of their books before anyone else can get them!

This Isn’t Spam is it?

No way. TNL fully abides by the CAN-SPAM Act. Members can unsubscribe at any time and we absolutely will not share your email address with anyone or any company, ever. Your privacy is very important to us.

How About a Free Preview Before I Sign Up?

We’d be glad to. You can find some of our past bargains and freebies on our recent deals page. The offers you find there are only a few days old, but most of them should still be good. If you want to beat the clock and get all the newest deals before they expire, you’ll need to become a member so you don’t miss out.

Sign Me Up!

You can register a subscription right here. It’s totally free, forever. All you need is an email address to confirm your subscription and you’re on your way!

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  1. Wow, thanks so much for featuring TNL today, Scarlet! Hopefully more readers will get on board so they can get hooked up!

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