New books!

The Doctor is In About time I blew my own horn and tooted off about some new releases, isn’t it? Yep, it absolutely is! First off, we have Chain of Command, the brand new instalment of Collaring Alex – the series formerly known as Urgent Delivery. As the story is heading in a more …

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This Week in Erotica – 24th to 30th January 2014

Incubus' Temptation The eagle-eyed among you may notice two things: I haven’t done one of these posts in a month, and The list now goes from Friday to Thursday, instead of Saturday to Friday. I have decided to bring the post day forward so that everyone’s ready for the weekend – and …

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Smut Find: Hannah Wilde’s Tumblr

tumblr_mwv00atXJQ1qkx0pqo1_1280[1] Hannah is a new author from Los Angeles who writes some seriously scorching erotica, and I’ve just found that she has a Tumblr full of snippets and filthy, filthy photos! She posts excerpts of her books along with high-quality gangbang shots. Check it out at

This Week in Erotica – Saturday 12th to Friday 18th October

M/F Pursuing the Pixie Author: Virginia Flowers Links: Amazon, Smashwords ASIN: B00FUBTOTW Length: 5,200 words Genre: Erotic Fantasy Genders: M/F Blurb: Not all magical creatures are evil… Heinreich knows his duty. He and the other men must flush out the evil creatures that are darkening the forest and stealing their children. When his trap is sprung, …

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