SEO and Amazon Keywords

Keys This week’s guest blog post is from J. L. Sage, here to help you with the thorny topic of picking keywords for your books on Amazon which also hit SEO best practices. SEO and Amazon Keywords What is SEO? SEO is short for “search engine optimization.” This is the process …

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How to publish to Google Play

Click for bigger Google Play is a mystifying beast capable of bamboozling the most self-assured self-publisher. Unhelpful help files, a hint-free interface, and arcane error messages all combine to make it an off-putting and experience – and what you currently see when you log in to Google Play is the improved interface! Imagine what it …

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What you can do about Amazon’s Book-Banning

The folks over at One-Handed Writers have assembled a set of resources which neatly outline the curious double-standards of pulling down erotica from self-published authors while continuing to sell traditionally-published erotica, torture porn, combat knives and misogynistic books on how to mind-control women (yes, actual mind-control with the intent of receiving actual sex with dubious consent, not fantasy erotica about mind-control).

Take a couple of minutes to look it over. You may well be surprised.