Tokushima Tentacles
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Tokushima Tentacles

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Tokushima Tentacles

Gay Tentacle Erotica 2

About This Book

Jeff wanted to teach English in Tokyo, but instead he’s been placed at a small school in a small town, Tokushima, seven hours’ train ride from the city he yearns for. The town’s only joy seems to be a glorious beach, but already it’s “closed” by the time Jeff arrives.

With such inviting water and glorious sunshine, who can say no to just a quick swim?

Jeff soon learns that there’s a reason for the beach closure, and soon he’s in the embrace of creatures straight out of Japanese folklore, and their tentacles are not about to let go.

EXPLICIT CONTENT: This 4,500 word short story features a Japanese sea spirit and his tentacled servants pleasuring themselves and a foreigner!