Doctor Without Borders
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Doctor Without Borders

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Doctor Without Borders

Groves' Anatomy 4

About This Book

Dr. Adam Hughes has complaints piling up on his desk about the noise from Dr. Groves’ office, yet he also has countless letters from satisfied patients all eager to return.

There’s only one way to get to the bottom of the situation: call Groves in and ask what’s going on.

Groves has his own ideas on how the meeting with his boss is going to go, though. Will the older doctor get his way, or is the young upstart going to show him who’s really in charge?

EXPLICIT CONTENT: This 5,000 word story is scorchingly hot, and features an older doctor being thoroughly humiliated by a man in his prime, oral sex, spanking, rimming, rough anal, a delicious creampie, and Dr. Hughes’ receptionist witnessing the whole thing – with her hand in her panties!