Writing New Kinks

Today’s guest blog post is by Cindy Johnson, here to discuss writing new kinks – that is, kinks which are new to you. Or you could invent new kinks entirely – don’t let me stop you!

Writing New Kinks

Write What You know?

We’ve all heard the same adage when it comes to writing erotica: “Write what you know. Are you into BBWs and Billionaires? Write that. Are you into diapers and age play? Write that. Write about whatever turns you on and you are bound to create something sexy for your readers as well.” For the most part, it is good advice. Writing what you know gives you a solid foundation to start on, which is especially great in the beginning when many writers still feel shy or unsure of their talents.
But, writing only about what you know can also cause stagnation, both personally and professionally. You may know a kink inside and out, but where is the fun in re-writing old ground all the time? It isn’t helping you grow as a writer, or as a sexual being. And frankly, readers tend to grow and evolve, so they may leave you behind as they discover new delights.
I’m not saying to never write stories about kinks you already know and love; far from it. But I do think as a writer it can be very rewarding to explore new kinks, and to expand one’s abilities by venturing into the unknown. J. K. Rowling wasn’t a wizard, but that didn’t stop her! And you are probably not a wizard either, but you can still write hot witch shape-shifter erotica.

Pink Cuffs

How to Write New Kinks

We’ll break this down into easy steps.

1. Respect the Kink – This should really go without saying, but a reminder never hurt anyone. You need to respect the kink and its fans. If you find yourself smugly thinking, ”who would ever be into this,” then you need to step back and re-evaluate. If you judge before you begin, you are going to have a shitty time. Leave your judgements behind as you commit to exploring a new avenue.

2.Research, research, research – This is the fun part! Get your greedy little hands on some stories from established authors, and check out some hot videos for ‘educational purposes.’ These business expenses might even be tax deductible! Anyway, research your heart out and see all the ways the kink has been used before. It’ll help your understanding of what makes a particular kink sexy, and how that has been used in the past to make a compelling story. Pay particular attention to the power dynamics between the characters in erotica, which can often help you understand the allure of a kink.

3.Overlap – After doing your research, think of ways you can overlap your current kinks with the new one. No need to jump right into the deep end, so we’ll work it in slowly (he he), adding some new spice to your current work in progress. For example, let’s say you want to explore mind control. If you normally write billionaire stories, add some fun mind control elements to his mega media cooperation. By starting slow and adding new kinks to your familiar ground you are building up your understanding of how to effectively use new plot devices.

4. Be Mindful of Growth – While writing a new kink you can explore sides of your own self that you may have not considered before, and its important to remain mindful of the ways in which you are changing as a writer. Maybe after writing some hot BDSM scenes you realize you have a dominant streak hiding within. Or maybe after writing a sexy piece of dinosaur erotica you realize that you haven’t felt this creative in a long time. Or maybe you don’t personally feel anything one way or another, but you do understand why certain kinks turn other people on. Any way you look at it, your understanding of sexuality is growing and your skills as an author are improving so keep mindful of your progress.

5. Don’t Force It – This might seem like I’m going against everything I just said, but there is no shame in quitting if its just not going to happen. Give yourself a safe word when you are writing, and know when the spark just isn’t there. The idea isn’t to force yourself to do something truly unpleasant; it is to try something new and to stretch your sexuality in fun new directions. If you find yourself deeply uncomfortable with a subject, it’s OK to stop and think of a new topic!

Let the Journey Begin!

Hopefully this will give you some motivation to try something new today. Explore some sexy new kinks and let you mind go wild. It’ll bring some spark into your writing (and perhaps into your bedroom as well). Trying new kinks will spice up your writing, prevent your imagination from becoming lazy, and give you readers a new thrill. Happy Smutting!

About the Author

Cindy Johnson is an erotica author from New York who enjoys crafting fantasies and dreams. When not writing, she can be found day dreaming in Central Park, taking her dog for walks, or drinking hot chocolate. Check out her catalogue on Amazon, or find her on Goodreads!

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