This Week in Erotica – 7th to 13th February 2014

Smutty Valentine’s Day, everyone! Here are this week’s new releases to get you all hot under the collar!


Eternity’s Embrace

Author: Ursula Istrati

Links: AmazonBarnes and NoblesSmashwordsGoogle

Length: 20,119

Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance

Genders: MF

Blurb: A gorgeous vampire, reincarnation, and a discovery of magic. When Isabela is rescued one night by a handsome vampire, her reality is shattered. She wanted answers to her questions, but what Constantin reveals to her goes far beyond her wildest imagination. Can she trust a creature that killed someone to save her? Is it possible that she’s met him before, like he claims? When Constantin tells Isabela about her past, she discovers that her whole life was a lie. He recounts a story of how they met that sounds like a medieval fairytale. His presence feels so familiar to her, and her body responds to him like a long lost lover. But will she be able to trust him enough to accept his word?

Kinks: Vampires, witches, reincarnation, blood sucking, biting, magic

Room Service for the Billionaire

Author: Selena Storm

Link: Amazon

Length: 6,800

Genre: Billionaire Romance Erotica

Genders: m/f

Blurb: It’s Amber’s first night at her new job working the night shift at a fancy hotel. When the hotel’s richest client, the sexy Mr. Clinton Abernathy, checks in Amber’s boss tells her that he is her number one priority and to do everything he says. When Mr. Abernathy asks her to join him in the penthouse suite she can’t say no, can she?

Kinks: Oral Sex, Billionaires

Sara’s Punishment

Author: Piper Tait

Links: AmazonSmashwordsGoogle Play

Length: 5,100 words

Genre: BDSM

Genders: MF

Blurb: Sara has made a mistake: a serious, expensive mistake, while her Master is away on business. Awaiting his punishment, she does everything in her power to ensure he is happy upon his return. Unable to control his reaction, Sara must now face the consequences of her actions.

Kinks: Spanking, BDSM

A Billionaire Affair

Author: Madeline Monoghan

Link/sAmazon Smash

Length: 6800

Genre: BBW, Billionaire

Genders: MF

Blurb: With student loans piling up and no job prospects in sight, the future isn’t looking too bright for Danielle Fox. That is until her BFF Jenn secretly submits her photos to Curve Models, the hot new plus size modeling agency in town, which lands her an audition with super rich talent agent Dominic Kane. Before she knows it, a sexy fashion shoot gets whole lot steamier than she expected. Does Danielle have all the right moves to turn this hot mogul on? And what will she do when he presents her with an offer she just can’t resist?

Kinks: BBW, billionaire, bondage, oral sex

Taking the Yoga Teacher

Author: Claire Elise

Link: Amazon

Length: 4000

Genre: Erotica, Student-Teacher

Genders: MF

Blurb: Sarah hates a certain type of person that comes to her yoga class. They are noisy, disrespectful, and they only come to sessions through coupons and promotions, mooching from trial to trial… Until a man shows up; A tall, brown-haired, bronze statue with blue-green eyes. Sarah is to assume he is still a moocher, albeit a handsome one. When Sarah struggles to fix a broken humidifier, this strange man offers his assistance, despite her having already assumed the worst of him… Sarah quickly learns that charm isn’t the only impressive thing this moocher is packing…

Kinks: Student-Teacher, Karma Sutra, Yoga

Billionaire Gender Swap

Author: Cora Hart

Links: B&NAmazonSmashWords

Length: 6,800

Genre: Gender Swap, Billionaire

Genders: M/F

Blurb: Kent Abrams has created a super drug that cures just about any ailment. When no one is willing to test it, he does it himself. The results aren’t quite what he expected. Aside from becoming a woman, he has urges he can’t quite control, and when his best friend comes over, things get…complicated.

Kinks: Billionaires, Gender Swapping, Hardcore doing it.

The Dancer After Hours

Author: Monica Young

LinksAmazonBarnes & Noble

Length: 7,784 words

Genre: Contemporary Erotica

Genders: MF

Blurb: Sandra is the hottest thing the strip club has going; a well-built Phys Ed major who knows how to work the pole like no other. She’s a good girl, though… while the other girls are “working” the customers, Sandra keeps to herself.

All of that threatens to change when someone from Sandra’s past shows up, and threatens to make her secret Stripper lifestyle known to the people Sandra cares about.

What will Sandra be forced to do in order to keep her secrets safe? Will the blackmailer be satisfied with what he can get in an abandoned parking lot, or will he need more… much more?

(Warning: This book contains frank depictions of sexual acts and adult entertainment. Adults only, please!)

Kinks: Blackmail, Oral, Stripping

Party Girl in Trouble

Author: Monica Young


Length: 5,002 words

Genre: Contemporary Erotica

Genders: MF

Blurb: Becky followed the parties wherever they happened. She didn’t care about the damage to the homes or the wrecked reputations; she lived for the music and the dancing, the booze and the Ecstasy. She went for the hard bodies and the hot sex and it was going to last forever. Her world came crashing down with the words “you’re under arrest.” Drunk and flying on Ecstasy, she had hit the end of the parties, but could the muscled undercover cop that busted her resist the temptations of her soft body and helpelss mind?

She had never thought she would lose control so completely; when Becky got in trouble, she did it in a BIG way.

(Warning: This book contains frank depictions of sexual activity in restraint and the use of narcotics. Adults only, please!)

Kinks: Ecstasy, Extortion, Handcuffs, Oral

Meet the Jansens

Author: Lianah Morgan

Links: AmazonNook

Length: 6000+

Genre: Erotica

Genders: MF

Blurb: When Guy Jansen’s stepson Josh brings a girlfriend home from college, Guy doesn’t think much of it at first. But when he encounters young Chrissy late at night in the kitchen, things escalate in ways Guy never could have imagined.

Kinks: Older Man/Younger Woman, Adultery, Light Spanking

Make Him Watch

Author: Vivian Vixen

Links: AmazonB&N/NookKobo

Length: 7500

Genre: Contemporary Erotica

Genders: MF

Blurb: When Angela finds an unfamiliar bra in her boyfriend’s closet she wants to cry…at first. After a few drinks with a good friend who whispers a plan in her ear, she’s ready for revenge. Angela hits the streets of her city and starts a sexy adventure to make sure her boyfriend really gets whats coming to him.

Kinks: Voyeurism, BDSM, Public Masturbation, Cuckolding, Stranger Sex

Every Night For Eternity

Author: Vivian Vixen

Links: AmazonB&N/Nook

Length: 3600

Genre: Erotic Horror

Genders: MF

Blurb: A vampire appears in her window and turns Lily into a creature of the night with a bite of her throat. He flies her back to his castle to make love only to discover that she’s a virgin! The regenerating powers of a vampire mean that every night, when she wakes up, she will find that she is intact, pure, a virgin Every Night For Eternity!

Kinks: Virgin First Time, Vampires, Bloodplay

Bound By The Mummy!

Author: Vivian Vixen

Links: AmazonB&N/Nook

Length: 9000

Genre: Erotic Horror

Genders: MF

Blurb: Tess is a sexy–and sexually frustrated–archaeologist taken from the fields to work on a newly discovered sarcophagus covered in strange writings. She recites the forbidden incantation and awakens a 5000 year old Egyptian libertine who needs the sexual energy of a young girl to bring him back to life. Lucky for him, Tess is young, hot, and aching for some filthy attention.

Kinks: Paranormal, DP, oral, anal, tentacle-like bondage


A Taste for Risk: Four Hot Gay Public Sex Stories

Author: E. Davies

Links: AmazonBarnes & NobleARESmashwords

Length: 23,600 words

Genre: Exhibitionism

Genders: MM

Blurb: In these four stories of gay public sex in risky places, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the variety of risky sexual situations the main characters find themselves in! From the beach to an adults-only night at a mini-golf course, there’s always a hot encounter to be had with a stranger or even a friend. There’s even a story about a young businessman on a plane who turns gay to join the mile high club and another story about two hot young guys at a laundromat with nothing else to do but each other.

Kinks: Public sex, exhibitionism, risky sex.

Secret Billionaire Seduction: Four Hot Gay First Time Stories

Author: E. Davies

Links: AmazonBarnes & NobleARESmashwords

Length: 36,400 words

Genre: Gay Billionaires

Genders: MM

Blurb: These four gay billionaire stories each have a first time twist! In every story, the billionaire finds himself yielding to a sexy “normal” guy and even falling for him. There’s a gardener who gets revenge by ordering around the bratty young billionaire, an undercover CEO trying to express his attraction without getting caught, a billionaire seeking a fake boyfriend who gets more than he bargained for, and an erotic maid hired by a billionaire only for them to discover more feelings than they expected. You’ll love these rich men and their whirlwind erotic romance flings with a hint of secret seduction and first time encounters.

Kinks: Billionaire, exhibitionism, secret lovers.

Inappropriate Treatments: Four More Gay Medical Stories

Author: E. Davies

Link/s: AmazonBarnes & NobleARESmashwords

Length: 22,200

Genre: Gay Medical Erotica

Genders: MM

Blurb: This four-story bundle of hot gay doctor’s office erotica contains stories of Dr. McDonald, the sexy Scottish hunk everyone wants. He specializes in treating inexperienced young men, and when he encounters one who needs a little extra treatment, he’s always willing to go the extra mile. All four of the stories feature the doctor showing them more about their bodies and his own as he takes advantage of his experience and age to leave both of them ultimately satisfied… and you, too!

Kinks: Exhibitionism, dominance, virgins.

Submitting to Seth

Author: Alexandra Cameron

Links: Amazon

Length: 3,727

Genre: BDSM erotica

Genders: MM

Blurb: Ben is a young student who is absolutely smitten with Seth, an older man from out of town who who visits him every few weeks. Together they indulge in a passionate and loving BDSM romance which fulfills both of their fantasies.

Kinks: D/s, spanking, anal


The Interview (Gainful Employment Series, book 1)

Author: Anya W. Vossand

Link/sAmazonSmashwordsBarnes & Noble

Length: 5080

Genre: Office Erotica

Genders: Ff

Blurb: I’ve been unemployed for a long time, and if I don’t land a position soon I don’t know what I’ll do. Luckily I have an interview today at the main office of the Aries Corporation. Given that it’s situated right in the heart of Washington DC, I can only imagine that this is one of those corporations that’s off the record for a reason…

Kinks: Sex with the boss, Kinky office, Lesdom, Voyeurism, Masturbation.

Ménage / Other

Waves of Pleasure

Author: Tabatha Austin

LinksAmazonBarnes & Noble,

Length: 7,100+

Genre: Gay Domination

Genders: M/m & MM/m

Blurb: Donkey Beach is the gay beach on Kauai. While on military leave, Justin Price thinks he’s found his latest sexual conquest with the arrogant hugely muscled bronzed surfer Liko and his smaller but no less hot friend Kanani.

Will this top have his way with two cute guys or will they teach this tourist things are different on Kauai and make this top go down?

Kinks: gay, dub-con, oral, anal

Lure of the Mermaid

Author: Jordan Beauchamp

Link: Amazon

Length: 5992

Genre: Lesbian fantasy romance

Genders: FF & MF

Blurb: I’m not a lesbian. Really.

But everything changed when I met her. Alyana. My mermaid.

Kinks: Underwater sex, interspecies sex, oral

Cuckquean in Chastity

Author: Charlotte J Forrest



Genre: BDSM Erotica

Genders: MF, FF

Blurb: She locked herself in a chastity belt and gave him the key. Now Nelly is in a world of frustration arousal humiliation and torment.

What does she have to do to earn her freedom and be allowed to orgasm? Pleasuring him however she can? Buying him porn? Finding him another woman to play with?

CAUTION: Dark erotica that some may find upsetting.

Kinks: female chastity belt, strap on, cuckquean/female cuckold, anal sex.

Twister Sisters and the BangBang Boys

Author: Alice May Ball

Link: Amazon

Length: 4,000 words +

Genre: Erotica


Blurb: The BangBang Boys, harmonies to rip your heart out and dance moves to strip your pants off.

“Ryan, Chuck, Liam, Bo,
will peel your panties down,
real slow,
Scooter wants to get between your hooters,
and girls, back up on Billy and Dom”

The BangBang Boys are planning a private after-show party at a club nearby and when the club manager meets the Twister Sisters, he thinks they’re just the party favors that the BangBang Boys need.

The Twister Sisters are not really sisters at all, but they are uncannily identical – same butterscotch golden skin, same firm d-cup breasts, same tight, round butts, same big grey eyes, and the same insatiable appetites for sin.

Can the two beautiful girls be persuaded to dance for seven hot, horny rockstars? When the girls start to pole dance, will the boys be able to keep their hands off?

The Witch’s Noblemen Trilogy: Maidenhead

Author: Harley Baker

Links: AmazonSmashwords

Length: 12,000 words

Genre: Gothic Polyamory Supernatural Erotic Romance

Genders: MMF

Blurb: Not only did I find Mr. Right, but he has a brother, and they’re both mine!

A witch maiden is rescued by two handsome noblemen who want to fulfill her every wish. Can they protect her from the church’s attempts to eradicate witchcraft?

Kinks: Virgin, Anal, Polyamory, Menage

Naughty Nymphs: Aura’s Ache

Author: Margeaux Adler

Links: AmazonBarnes & Noble

Length: 6,100 words

Genre: Paranormal Gangbang Erotica

Genders: MMMMF

Blurb: Cassidy works hard to avoid temptation and pass as a human. Her boss at Greenpoint Marina complicates her careful life when he sends her out on a boat with four gorgeous men. When disaster nearly strikes, Cassidy has no choice but to reveal herself or risk a man’s life. What will she have to give up to get the men to keep her secret?

Kinks: Oral sex, anal sex, double penetration, outdoor sex, a hot, rough gangbang

The Billionaire Boys

Author: Juniper Leigh

Link: Amazon

Length: 4,500 Words

Genre: Erotica

Genders: MMMM/F

Blurb: When the wealthy proprietor of the Bacchanal Club invited beautiful Fiona Buchanan to live and work for him, she eagerly accepted. Her days are spent composing poetry, and her nights are spent in service to Michael Cross and his elite guests.

But now, Fiona finds herself with confusing feelings about her handsome and generous employer, though she refuses to let herself fall in love. So when Michael’s three closest friends come to town, and Fiona realizes that he intends her to be the primary entertainment, she eagerly agrees, excited to please him and his friends, and to prove to herself that this is just a purely sexual relationship… isn’t it?

Kinks: Gangbang

The Careless Co-Ed

Author: Monica Young

LinksAmazonBarnes & Noble

Length: 10,168 words

Genre: Contemporary Erotica

Genders: MF, FF

Blurb: Amy has been taking a short cut to get through her higher education; an oral short cut she mastered years before. It’s gotten her a scholarship and a long series of good grades, so what could go wrong?

When a ruthless Associate Dean discovers Amy’s illicit office visits, the female dean has a new deal for Amy; learn to please a woman, or be ruined forever!

Can Amy find a way out of her bisexual predicament? Will she give in to the older, stronger woman, or live with the shame of expulsion? Will the fit and hard-bodied Dean of Students come to Amy’s rescue, or will his price for saving her be too great for even the orally talented Amy to pay?

(Warning: This book contains frank depictions of sexual activity, lesbian sex, and bondage and discipline. Adult readers only, please!)

Kinks: Anal, Bondage, Lesbians, Oral

Unfaithful Mistake

Author: Monica Young


Length: 6,560 words

Genre: Contemporary Erotica

Genders: MF, MFM

Blurb: Evelyn is happy to be taking classes at her local community college now that it’s just her and her husband at home. She joins a study group, only to find that one of the younger students has developed a crush on the curvy, voluptuous older woman.

A moment of schoolgirl passion in a parked car leads to a guilty conscience; one that can only be eased by trying to give her husband even more pleasure than she gave her schoolmate.

When the unfaithful mistake is discovered, however, can Evelyn bear the guilt, and the price to keep her marriage? What plans does her angry husband have not only for her, but also for her young lover?

(Warning: This book contains frank depictions of sexual activity, infidelity, and bondage. Adult readers only, please!)

Kinks: Anal, Bondage, Cheating, Oral, Multiples, Three-Way

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