This Week in Erotica – Saturday 23rd to Friday 29th November

Here’s my weekly round-up of all things hot, new, and on sale now!


The Succubus’ Sub, Session Three: Shiny New Toy

Author: John Dylena

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Length: 6,000 words

Genre: Dark Fantasy BDSM Erotica

Genders: M/F

Blurb: After an odd day at work, Brett returns to his home to find Myserra waiting for him. The succubus wastes no time in removing his clothes and taking him back to her bedroom. It isn’t long before Brett is neck deep in shiny white latex and helplessly bound, hooded, gagged, and plugged and the session begins.

Kinks: latex, bondage, domination/submission, chastity, magic, transformation

The Moon on Wolf Mountain

Author: Alice May Ball

Link: Amazon


Length: 6,100+ words

Genre: Erotica, paranormal, shapeshifter, erotic romance

Genders: MF

Blurb: After a bad breakup and losing her job, Briony takes refuge on Wolf Mountain to write her great romance novel. Wolves come out of the woods around her cabin, and one silver wolf comes to her door.

What dark secret does the mysterious Xavier’s powerful, animal attraction conceal, and what terrible price will the devastatingly handsome hero pay for coming to big, beautiful Briony’s rescue?

Kinks: BBW, Werewolf

Losing It

Author: Nora Nix

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Length: 5,930 words

Genre: Erotica/Erotic Romance

Genders: M/F

Blurb: Anna has been best friends with Trent for as long as she can remember. When an accidental touch during a game of basketball sparks a fire inside her, she begins to question her feelings for him – a question he answers with a kiss. Will a summer romance ruin their friendship? And is that all their feelings will amount to?

Kinks: First time

Baker’s Dozen

Author: Kenna Madison

Link: Amazon


Length: 5000-ish words

Genre: Erotica

Genders: Male/Female

Brief Blurb: Buxom Cindy is putting the finishing touches on her latest sweet creation when breathtakingly beautiful Jake Carlton comes into her shop with a special request. When she delivers the order personally to Jake and his handsome friends, she realizes that she, too, is on the menu — as the main course! Will she be able to keep true to her motto “We aim to please!”, or has she taken on more than she can handle?

Kink Tags: GangBang

Mesmerized II (An Erotic Hypnosis Short Story)

Author: Gwendolyn Wilde

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Length: 5,000+ words

Genre: Erotica

Genders: M/F

Blurb: In Mesmerized, Melissa Quincy, a harried graduate student, is hired to investigate the mysterious hypnotherapist Dr. Ivanov. But she finds out more than she bargained for. She finds out far too much, and now he can’t – or won’t – free her from his influence. But Melissa refuses to surrender to her desires. She won’t let herself become a slave to Dr. Ivanov’s deep voice. Not if she can help it.

Kinks: hypnosis, mind control, dubcon, dominant male, orgasm denial

The Lawyer and the Cowboy

Author: Becky Buchanan

Link: Amazon


Length: 7000 words

Genre: BDSM Erotica

Genders: MF

Blurb: Sonya has risen through the ranks of her profession by her sheer wit and hard work, and sometimes her sheer lace. She faces a very difficult challenge when she is shunted off to the Midwest to stop a cowboy from destroying endangered trees that are growing on his ranch. Sonya tries to win the hunk over as she usually does-a little titillation, a dash of flirting, and whole lot of intimidation. However, power play with the brawny man soon gets too hot for her to handle as she gives in to her urges. She gets the ride of a lifetime as the cowboy punishes her for being so insolent. Will she achieve what she had come for, or will the cowboy discard her like a rusty saddle?

Warning 1: This story contains descriptions of explicit sexual activities that are intended for adult audiences.

Warning 2: Turning pages with wet fingers is convenient for paperbacks. Ebooks-not so much.

Kinks: bdsm, rough sex, spanking, flogging, powerplay

One Last Tease…


Link: Amazon


Length: 11,000 words

Genre: Kinky Erotica

Genders: F/m

Blurb: Distraught over the recent breakup with his girlfriend, David finds himself on an unexpected kinky adventure when she shows up a week later to tie up loose ends and winds up locking him in chastity for one last night of tease and denial while he buys her the finest lingerie and leathers that he knows he’ll never touch again…

Kinks: Cheating, Chastity, Financial Domination, Leather Fetish, Tease & Denial



Author: Zane Adams

Link: Amazon


Length: 6637

Genre: MM

Genders: Male

Blurb: When Zel, a sex worker, is confronted on the streets of New York, Riley is there to save him. But will Riley save him again, or will he be lost forever?

Kinks: sex worker, slaves

Getting Physical

Author: Scarlet CoxDoctor, Doctor 5

Link: Amazon


Length: 4,800

Genre: Gay Medical Erotica

Genders: M/M

Blurb: Tom Burke has just turned 40, and his insurance company needs certain extra tests now or they’re going to jack up his premium. All that’s left now is a prostate examination and he can be on his way.

Doctor Groves is ready and waiting to give Tom the most intense examination of his life.

Kinks: Medical, Doctor, Prostate Massage, Anal Sex


Hotwife – Whored Out for a Debt

Author: Alice May Ball

Link: Amazon


Length: 3,800+ words

Genre: Erotica

Genders: FF, MMF

Blurb: Tess’ cuckolded husband Colin takes her to London on a business trip, where they enjoy the delights of a lap dancing club, and Tess gets a sizzling private dance from the delicious Shona.

But Colin plays poker with the club boss and loses, heavily. Will Colin take the way out of his debt by handing Tess over to the boss, and the club’s big black bouncer?

Kinks: Hotwife, sharing, interracial, multiple partners, lesbian

A Little Trouble with the Law

Author: Haleigh Cookson Clark

Link/s: Amazon Smashwords


Length: 7200 words

Genre: erotica

Genders: MMMF

Blurb: Sweet and perky, Chrissie is the neglected housewife of asshole cop Joel Waters. She desperately wants to start a family, but Joel wants nothing to do with her. One day while delivering lunch to her ungrateful husband, some of Joel’s men try to cheer her up and Chrissie quickly realizes that she might not need her husband’s help after all. Will Joel be forced to watch his wife take matters (and two of his most hunky constables) into her own hands? How will he stop his insatiable wife? That is, assuming he wants to…

Kinks: breeding, cuckold, hotwife, interracial, multiple partners, pregnancy risk

Slutty Girls Cheating Wives

Author: Haleigh Cookson Clark

Links: AmazonSmashwords


Length: 25,000 words

Genre: erotica


Blurb: This slutty little collection is all about the girls who won’t take no for an answer! Inside you’ll find The Curse, a story about a man who wakes up as an insatiable blonde girl just as “her” horny friends arrive for lunch. You’ll also find the Dirty Diary of Leanne, a reluctant hotwife who is stunned one night when her husband asks her to cuckold him. And finally, you’ll get A Little Trouble With The Law, the tale of a neglected woman who soon realizes that if her husband won’t help her get pregnant, some of the handsome officers at the police station where he works might be able to help.

The stories herein include mmf, breeding, creampies, cuckolds, femdom, interracial sex, hotwives, pregnancy risk sex, transformation, and women who definitely know what they want from life.

Kinks: breeding, cuckold, hotwife, interracial, multiple partners, pregnancy risk, transformation

Teaching Them A Lesson

Author: Iris Black

Link/s: SmashwordsAmazon


Length: ~4,500

Genre: School girl Erotica

Genders: M/F/F

Blurb: Professor John Buchanan dreads teaching his History 100 class. The students never pay attention, if they even bother to show up. So when Katie Cain desperately needs to pass the class so she can graduate, he’s not in a giving mood. At least, not until he gets a look under Katie and her best friend Britney’s skirts…

Kinks: Breeding, multiple partners, school girls

Devil in High Heels

Author: Sage L. Morgan

Link/s: Amazon B&N ARe


Length: 5,000 words

Genre: Paranormal erotica

Genders: F/F, M/F/F

Blurb: Dizzy thinks her encounter with lesbian vampire Cara was only a dream until she starts feeling ill and develops an aversion to sunlight. She seeks Cara out, who confirms her fears, but also shows her how fun being a vampire can be.

Sequel to “Devil in a Red Dress”

Kinks: vampires, oral sex, mind control, threesome


Taken by the Forest

Author: Veronica Ann Gables

Link: Amazon


Length: 5357 words

Genre: Scifi Erotica

Genders: Female, Plant

Blurb: Meredith has always felt drawn to the forest. What she doesn’t realize, however, is that the forest is also drawn to her. When an innocent nap on a log takes a strange turn, animalistic desires are unleashed, and a bizarrely erotic scene unfolds.

Kinks: tentacle sex, breeding, dubcon, aphrodisiacs, cervical penetration, bondage, plant sex, deep penetrations

Superheroine’s Impregnation

Author: Lisa Winters

Link: Amazon


Legnth: Approx 5100 words

Genre: Sci-Fi Erotica

Blurb: Scarlett Flame is Earth’s greatest superheroine, but the price of being a heroine is high. Scarlett can never have a normal life- boyfriends, hookups, sex of any kind- are all beyond her reach. When a mysterious alien craft is detected near the moon, Scarlett is eager to investigate. But the craft is ancient and powerful. It’s purpose: to find a suitable host to repopulate a long extinct alien race. Scarlett is an ideal candidate, and the ship can offer the young heroine pleasure beyond her imagination- or her darkest fantasies.

Kinks: Heroine, Bondage, Sci-Fi, Impregnation

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