Impounded now available

Banks' Law 1The first book in a new series is now available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and All Romance eBooks, with other retailers soon to follow.

Meet Hunter Banks, the baddest lawyer you’ll ever know. He makes his own rules, and absolutely nothing will stop him from winning a case.

In Impounded, book 1 of Banks’ Law, Hunter needs information to defend a client in court, but that information is in the hands of a convicted felon doing hard time for double homicide.

Zane has the knowledge Banks needs, and he isn’t going to give it up easily. He’s no rat, and he’s king of his Block, taking his pick of the meat on offer. He’s fit, powerful, and in charge.

Banks is determined, and willing to go all the way to get what he wants. Which of these hot, hard men is going to emerge victorious?

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“You’re wasting my time. I don’t got anything to say to lawyers.”
Zane loomed over his visitor. He wasn’t going to bother sitting. He had no idea why he had a lawyer coming to see him, and he had other things to do.
“Time’s important to you, isn’t it, Zane?” The lawyer was young. Handsome. Slender in that lithe, animal way.
Zane knew a predator when he met one. This lawyer wasn’t meek, he wasn’t some Beta pant-wetter who could be intimidated into giving up, rolling over. But Zane had the advantage of size, and of reputation. The lawyer was sleek and fit, but Zane was built like a tank
And he was in here for double homicide.
“Time’s a resource,” Zane growled. “And I ain’t spending it on you.”
“You murdered your girlfriend and her lover, is that right?”
Zane didn’t answer with words. Instead he smiled.
“But her lover’s brother was Cody Sachs. And you and Cody were buddies. Before you got thrown in here.”
“Get to the point or fuck off and chase some ambulances.”
“You can do better than that.” The lawyer smirked up at him. “Cody’s going down for burglary, and you’re going to help me prosecute him. I want to know where he would have hidden his takings.”
Zane laughed. “You want me to rat out my buddy? That’s what this shit’s for?” He shook his head and turned to the door. “Not gonna happen.”
“It absolutely is. But it’s fine, I have time.”
“Go fuck yourself.” Zane strode to the door.
“How about I fuck you, instead?”
Zane glanced back at the lawyer.
The man still looked smug.
“I ain’t nobody’s bitch.”
The lawyer laughed softly. “Let’s see what you say about that tomorrow.”


  1. I loved reading this book and was wondering when the next one will come out of that Yummy brain of yours?

    • I am working on it, but it may be a few weeks. If you join the mailing list you’ll get to hear about it when it’s released :D

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