This Week in Erotica – Saturday 26th October to Friday 1st November

Here’s my weekly collection of scorchingly hot new erotica releases!



Author: Alice May BallDomination by my Lord - Erotica

Link/s: Amazon


Length: 8,800 words+

Genre: Erotica

Genders: MF

Blurb: When Magnus Lord, the devastatingly handsome billionaire summons the lovely young Tanya White, she has no choice but to come. Sent by private jet, with no idea of her destination, nor of what purpose Lord has planned for her, she is whisked into a dark, erotic adventure among the treasures and secrets of the ancient Italian city of Florence.

Tanya’s ordeal, in a leather creation cut especially to reveal her most intimate parts, is a training of agonies and shocks. She must do whatever Magnus Lord demands of her, anything. And all that she ever wants is more. Can she submit to his will, and can she endure the pain and the pleasures that it will lead her into?

Kinks: BDSM, exhibitionism

Semi-Human Ecstasy eXperiment

Author: Anita DickensSemi-Human Ecstasy eXperiment - Sci-Fi Erotica

Links: Barnes & Noble Kobo

Length: 6,300 words

Genre: Sci-Fi Erotica

Genders: MF

Blurb: Sara rescues the charming and handsome cyborg Sevin from a psychopathic space captain. Originally designed to be diplomats, the cyborg becomes useful when Sara’s ship is randomly stopped and searched. The pheromones Sevin uses to work his magic on the Patrollers also has quite an affect on Sara. Her passion overcomes her, and she repays Sevin for his work.

Kinks: Cyborg, Robot, Sci-Fi Adventures

Love, Summer (Part 3)

Author: C.V. Walter

Link: Amazon


Length: 6,500

Genre: Erotic Romance

Genders: MF

Blurb: In the summer between High School and College, Laurie finds herself falling for her boss. As the summer heats up, so does the passion between Laurie and Steve. Water fights and sweat cooling on skin only serves to make them hotter for each other.

Kinks: teen, romantic, kissing



Author: Anya W. Vossand

Link/s: Amazon


Length: 26,300 words

Genre: Erotic Romance

Genders: f solo, F/f

Blurb: It’s a college fantasy nearly everyone has had: a sexy professor and the taboo of a secret relationship. But sometimes that fantasy becomes real, and for Abby Smith the end of her third year at her university in Georgia changes everything. After a bitter ex-girlfriend outs her to her family as a lesbian, Abby has nowhere to turn – but that’s when Professor Alana Lark steps into her life, offering a place to stay and food to eat in exchange for housework. At first, Lark is simply offering a helping hand, but one stormy summer evening she offers more than that. For Lark this relationship might damage her career; for Abby, this might further separate her from her family. Despite the risks both women give in to desire, and what starts as a forbidden and steamy summer fling promises more fulfillment than either of them could have expected.

Kinks: Lesdom, Domination/Submission, Sadomasochism, Schoolgirl (College-age), Student/Professor

Devil in a Red Dress

Author: Sage L. Morgan

Link/s: AmazonB&N


Length: 4,000 words

Genre: Lesbian Erotica

Genders: F/F

Blurb: Newly-single Dizzy wants a girl’s night out, and Club Bite seems to be the right place to have it. She’s as straight as her ex-boyfriend’s joystick, thank you very much. So why is that woman in the red dress staring at her?

Kinks: lesbian, vampires, oral sex, mind control


The Game: The Whole Nine Yards (The Boys Club Series Bundle)

Author: Nora Nix

Links: Amazon , Barnes & Noble , Smashwords, and All Romance eBooks.


Length: 57 pages/16,420 words

Genre: Gay Erotica

Genders: M/M, M/M/M/M/M/M/M

Blurb: Vince Cooper thinks he has sex all figured out. When Paul North, one of his construction crew buddies, challenges everything he thinks he knows about himself, Vince embarks on one hell of a wild ride. But where will his self-exploration lead him? To Paul? Or running back the way he came? The further he ventures down the rabbit hole, the more difficult it may be to find his way out.

Kinks: Orgy, Straight First Time, Anal Virginity, Cream Pie, Forced Feminization, Bukkake, Humiliation, Crossdressing

Two Firemen for me

Author: Alice May Ball

Link/s: Amazon


Length: 5,300 words+

Genre: Erotica

Genders: MF MM MMF

Blurb: Mrs Harper is alarmed when she sees firemen at her house, but she’s thrilled, too. Her charms persuade big firefighter Clint, and Joe, the innocent and eager rookie, to return later on.

What fires might start between the two men, and will Mrs Harper’s hunger be satisfied?

Kinks: Bisexual, voyeur, exhibitionism, three-way, cougar

Hotwife Whored Out to a Big Black Stud

Author: Alice May Ball

Link/s: Amazon


Length: 4,300 words+

Genre: Erotica

Genders: MF, MFM

Blurb: Tess cuckolds her husband, Colin. Now Colin raises the stakes. Staying in a motel overnight in a strange town, Colin pimps Tess to a huge black dude who says he’s a general in the local gangs.

Has Colin bitten off more than Tess can swallow?

Kinks: Cuckold, cheating, humiliation, interracial

The Other Side Bordello: One Girl, Two Vampire Billionaires

Author: Hannah Wilde

Link: Amazon


Length: 5,700+ words

Genre: Paranormal Erotica

Genders: MFM

Blurb: Allison doesn’t know what to think when she is approached by two girls regarding her unusually rare blood type. Soon, she is swept into the world of The Other Side Bordello, a place where the paranormal creatures from this side and the next come for sexual adventure. Her first clients are Elliott and Nicholas, two young, incredibly wealthy vampires from New York with a taste for AB negative. Falling hard for both, Allison soon realizes that she might not need to choose just one billionaire vampire, because these friends do everything together, even in the bedroom.

Kinks: Threesome, Billionaire, Vampires, Double Penetration

Your Cheating Girlfriend: A Cuckolding Confession

Author: Hannah Wilde

Link: Amazon


Length: 4,300+ words

Genre: Cuckold/Cheating

Genders: MFM

Blurb: Written in a unique confessional style, this short story takes the form of an e-mail written from “your” long term girlfriend after a business trip gone bad (or good, depending on the way you look at it.) After discussing the idea of letting her flirt with her coworkers in California over the weekend, you’ve been left in the dark; texting and calling with hardly a response as she parties the night away. You open your email this morning and your heart skips a beat as she begins to confess the story of a wild threesome with her boss Adam and his hot friend.

Kinks: Cuckold, Threesome, Double Penetration



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