This Week in Erotica – Sat 28th September to Fri 4th October

Welcome to my weekly round-up of what’s hot and new in Erotica!


Sweet Treats, Vol. 1: Cream of the Crop

Author: Nora Nix

Link/s: AmazonSmashwords


Length: 79 pages/25,000 words

Genre: Erotica/Erotic Romance

Genders: M/F

Blurb: Looking for a bundle to give you sticky fingers? Sweet Treats may be just what you’ve been craving!

This collection includes the lactation themed short stories “Cleaning Up Camille,” “Mia’s Milk Machine,” and “The Milk Party”. With three scrumptious stories to choose from, you’ll be satisfying your sweet tooth in no time!

Kinks: Lactation; BBW; Orgy; Light Bondage

Riveted: For Love of A Soldier

Author: Veronica Hardy



Length: 12,000 Words

Genre: Historical Erotic Romance

Genders: M/F

Blurb: This love can’t be manufactured. Ava is a feisty Riveter who wants nothing more than to help the war effort during The Second Great War. This spunky woman helps build bombers so that the men can get an advantage over the Germans and bring home victory. She didn’t ask for more, until Angelo walked into the factory and into her life. Caught up this soldier’s love, she would do anything he asked her to. Even abandon all she has ever known. Will this industrial strength love meet up to the standards of time?

Kinks: BBW

Flying Solo (Diary of a Fat Chick #2)

Author: Monica Rossi

Link: Amazon


Length: 5000

Genre: Erotic Romance

Genders: M/F

Blurb: Aubrey and Cooper’s budding romance takes the heat up a notch in Flying Solo.

Aubrey finally introduces Cooper to her BFF, Pam, who inadvertently spills the beans about how truly inexperienced Aubrey is. Not content to let the opportunity slide, Cooper guides Aubrey as she find that self-fulfillment isn’t such a bad thing after all.

Kinks: BBW, Masturbation

Cured by a Werewolf Psychiatrist

Author: Larissa Coltrane

Link/s: Amazon B&N



Genre: BBW Paranormal Erotic Romance


Blurb: Pauline Rheinlander’s heart is broken after she found out that her fiancé was cheating on her, and besides sinking deeper into depression she is haunted by strange hallucinations. Her friend Julia recommends her to a psychiatrist who can help her to find a way out.

After her first meeting with the handsome psychiatrist, she tells Julia that he is too attractive for her to continue with the therapy. Simply put, she wouldn’t be able to work with someone who had become the object of her sexual desire.

She goes back for a second session to tell him that she has to cancel the therapy, but the handsome psychiatrist has different plans for her.

Kinks: BBW, Werewolf Shifter.

Supply & Demand 101

Author: Marissa Dumfrey


Links: Amazon

Length: 15,200

Genre: Erotic

Genders: M/F

Blurb: Fed up trying to compete with all the other girls on campus where boys call the shots when it comes to hook-ups, Marissa decides to test out a hypothesis her economics professor would be proud of: finding a lover who might value a sexually-adventurous college girl — an older man who is in desperate need of a young woman’s attention.

To Marissa’s surprise, she finds herself completely aroused by the least likely of new lovers — a man old enough to be her father, or even grandfather. After spending her life as a good girl, sticking close to the world’s expectations for her, Marissa is shocked at how much she enjoys being one older man’s new erotic

Kinks: Older/younger, college co-eds, casual sex

Neighborly Lust

Author: Kendra Burklin

Links: Amazon


Length: 17,600

Genre: Erotic Romance

Genders: M/F

Blurb: Adam is trying very hard to move on from his previous failed relationship, as hard as his ex-girlfriend is making it for him. Meanwhile across the street, his neighbor Alley is struggling with her own dying relationship. What will happen when two attractive neighbors find themselves alone and desperately seeking someone to once again desire them?

Kinks: Girl Next Door, Neighbor Sex, Oral, Casual Sex

Deep in the Stacks

Author: C.V. Walter

Link/s: Amazon Barnes and Noble


Length: 2500 words

Genre: Erotica

Genders: M/F

Blurb: Bored and horny at work, librarian Claire takes a chance in the one place no one will see her… deep in the stacks.

Kinks: public sex, sex at work, mild D/s


Crossbones: Initiation

Author: Parker Reyn

Link/s: Amazon Kindle Nook


Length: 4500 words

Genre: Erotica

Genders: M/M

Blurb: Crossbones, the most powerful secret society in the history of Western civilization, has tapped billionaire heir Evan Clark for induction into its fold. Rumors swirl about the sexual nature of the initiation ceremony. He and his five fellow initiates soon learn that they must surrender all of themselves to the society to achieve their destinies. When a hot headed intruder is punished in front of society members and initiates, Evan realizes the depravity of Crossbones and how far he must go in his quest for power.

Kinks: bdsm, paddling, humiliation

Ménage / Multiple

Two More Men for Me

Author: Alice May Ball

Link/s: Amazon


Length: 5,200 words

Genre: Erotica

Genders: MMF MM MF

Blurb: Mrs Harper needs attention, and she needs it bad. Max, her sexy regular hairdresser, agrees to make a home visit, but her needs take his skills further than the hair on her head.
When Bobby, a cute delivery boy, shows up with tasty Thai take out, everyone is hungry, but their minds don’t stay on food.
Can the delivery boy deliver, and can Max sustain to the max for this lusty menage?


Kept Forever

Author: Jacqueline Costello



Length: 6,400 words

Genre: Sci-fi Erotica

Genders: FF/M

Blurb: Jacob, Mary, and Sarah have come up with a plan to deal with his pressing issues around Megan – all that remains is to implement it and hope for the best. Will Megan get her comeuppance? Will Sarah and Jacob spend the rest of their lives together in relative bliss? Will Mary abide by the agreement? Join them in the final chapter of Kept by a Giantess!

Kinks: Giantess, insertion, female domination

The Demon at my Door

Author: John Dylena

Link/s: AmazonSmashwords


Length: 18000 words

Genre: Supernatural Erotic Romance

Genders: M/F, MMFF, F/F

Blurb: Shy and introverted, John’s dream was coming true when he returned to his apartment with a beautiful blonde woman at his side. Things quickly heated up and his dream became a nightmare when the blonde revealed herself as a succubus and he was her next victim.

But much to both their surprise, John survived the ritual and the demon got nothing. John’s life turns upside down when he finally wakes back up only to find the succubus not only still in his apartment, but also his new roommate.

Kinks: Gender change, transformation, domination, lesbian, orgy

Kept Safely

Author: Jacqueline Costello



Length: 6,757

Genre: SciFi Erotica

Genders: FFF(m)


This is volume 7 of the “Kept by a Giantess” series. Visit my Author page for more stories!

Jacob has suffered a lot at the hands of the giantesses in his life, but having made a deal with the doctor responsible for his shrunken size – and the latest batch of deprivations to which he had been subjected – he is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. With his feelings for Sarah growing as time passes, Jacob is starting to come to terms with his new stature in the world. If only he can confront and defeat Megan for good. Can Sarah keep him safe until he can exact his revenge?

Kinks: Giantesses, female domination, insertion

Barista Hipster Gangbang

Author: Hannah WildeicofzOc

Link/s: Amazon


Length: 5,000+

Genre: Erotica

Genders: F/MMMMM+

Blurb: When Amy lands a new job at the local Seabears coffee shop, she can’t help but wonder what all of those hidden cameras are doing positioned around the store. Her questions are soon answered with she’s asked to host the late night poetry reading and discovers that the usual patrons are looking for something more than a little coffee and art house writing. Amy’s future is looking hot and steamy, but can she handle all of these extra large orders at the same time?

Kinks: Gangbang, Double Penetration

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