Weekend Writing Warriors 21/09/13

Weekend Writing Warriors is a blog-hop taking place every Saturday, co-ordinated by http://www.wewriwa.com/. Click through to the WeWriWa site to see a list of participants.In it, authors share only eight sentences from something they’ve written or are currently working on. So without further ado, here are my eight sentences!
“You can’t just… have sex with patients!”

“I can.” Groves slid to his feet like a panther and circled Adam’s desk. “And I’m going to have sex with you, Adam.”

“What?!” He kicked against the floor, intending to leap to his feet, but instead his chair wheeled back away from the desk, and Adam had to grip the arms to keep from tipping over.

Groves grinned and closed the gap between them with two long strides, gripping Adam’s wrists and pushing his chair up against the wall. He leaned in and placed his lips over the older doctor’s, kissing him roughly, hands like iron bands pinning him down.

Doctor-Without-Borders mini


  1. Well, he doesn’t take no for an answer, clearly! Excellent excerpt, hot!

  2. I like the imagery of the panther circling. All those corded muscles moving so fluidly… mmm. Sexy!

  3. Interesting snippet – will be interesting to see the aftermath.

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