Weekend Writing Warriors 09/15/13

Weekend Writing Warriors is a blog-hop taking place every Saturday, co-ordinated by http://www.wewriwa.com/. Click through to the WeWriWa site to see a list of participants.

In it, authors share only eight sentences from something they’ve written or are currently working on. So without further ado, here are my eight sentences!
She was getting wet again.

He worked in silence, laying a leather strap down between her legs, threading a belt through it at the small patch of stomach between her mound and his leg. He hefted her up by her hips to give himself a little extra working space, and the leather belt tightened around her waist, holding the strap between her legs so tightly that it ground up against the bases of the toys penetrating both her holes.

She hadn’t worn a chastity belt in months, and never with anything inside her.

“Get up.”

Kate brought her knees together, feet trying to find purchase on the rug. Every little squirm made the stiff leather fuck her toys into her, and she sucked air in quickly. She managed to get her feet under herself, and placed her hands either side of her waist on one of his strong legs, levering herself up slowly and wobbling as she stood.
Her Master's Voice


  1. She seems to be enjoying the new sensation. Nice 8!

  2. Oh hell yes! I like a rough scene with the promise of pleasure and pain. Nicely done, my dear. Very nicely done.

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